Daily Prompt: Simple

Skill Floors

Skill Ceilings

The trade-off comes with the skill ceiling, which is arguably more important. A skill ceiling is the location of the barrier to performance. A low skill ceiling on a character means that the difference between “great” and “good” is negligible. For a truly skilled player to exert their skills and get the most out of it they want to choose the character with the highest skill ceiling. This is because choosing a low skill ceiling will make it so that even at your best you do about as well as someone worse than you. If you know you’re better than someone, you want to see that in the result of the gameplay. However, if you’re better than someone playing the same character, and that character has a low skill ceiling, you won’t see much of a gap between the two of you. Low skill ceilings are used to make novice players able to compete somewhat with more expert players.

The Spy

Complexity and Illusion

The spy’s skill ceiling is so high, in fact, that truly expert players strike fear in the enemy like no other class does. The power of deception when used properly can decimate the enemy team and leave no trace. The best of players understand the psychology of the enemies and can use that in-game to their advantage. They are the trickster, fooling you, making you look left as they go right.



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